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On 26 February 1993 the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York, New York was bombed. This attack marked the opening salvo of a conflict that the United States is still facing to this very day. The conflict is now commonly known as the war on terror. More specifically, U.S. citizens are under the constant threat of being attacked by Middle Eastern Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. The common reason given by these terrorists as justification for their attacks is U.S. support of Israel. Four days after the 1993 bombing the New York Times received a letter from a group called the Liberation Army claiming responsibility for the attack (Dwyer, 1995, p.234). Part of this letter read, “OUR DEMANDS ARE: 1 – Stop all military, economical, and political aids to Israel.” (Dwyer, 1995, p.235). This type of rhetoric has since become commonplace and widespread among the enemies of America. This paper will detail the 1993 attack as well as exploring the idea that the attack was the beginning of a struggle that the U.S. is still deeply immersed in.
Ramzi Ahmed Yousef was the chief planner and man in charge of the W.T.C. attack. He spent several years at Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and a bomb-making camp in Pakistan before arriving on U.S. soil (Dwyer, 1995). His uncle is 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Yousef received advice, mentorship and financial support regularly from Mohammed (Dwyer, 1995). It is widely suspected though unconfirmed that the 2001 W.T.C. attacks were derived from plans originally authored by Yousef (Mylroie, 2003). Yousef arrived in the U.S. from Iraq in 1992. Shortly after his arrival he preparing for the attack.
Yousef recruited Abdul Rahman Yasin for his effort. Yasin was born in Bloomington, Indiana where his father was studying at Indiana University. (Reeve, 1999). Therefore, Yasin was an American citizen. He spent most of his life in Baghdad, Iraq before returning to the U.S. in 1992. The other key players in the attack were Mohammad Salameh , Mahmud Abouhalima, Ahmad Ajaj, and Nidal A. Ayyad. It would only take a few short months for the group to plan the attacks and acquire the materials necessary to build the explosive device.
According to the U.S. fire administration, the bomb was created using a urea nitrate main charge. It also had aluminum, magnesium and ferric oxide particles surrounding the main charge (US Fire, 1993).It was loaded into a rental van and driven by Salameh and Yousef into a parking garage underneath the World Trade Center. The bomb went off at 12:18 PM on 26 February 1993 killing 6 people and wounding over 1,000 (CNN, 2014). Yousef’s plan was to collapse the north tower forcing it to fall into the south tower (Dwyer 1995). This plan did not come to fruition as the north did not collapse. However, the blast created a crater that was approximately 130 square feet in area (US Fire, 1993). The crater depth reached six levels below the parking garage at its...

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