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19century Composition, Depicting The Individual And Society Of Victorian England Thru The Format Of Letters

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To Miss Edith ParkesGloucester ManorHastingsOctober 28th 1853My Dearest Edith,It has only been two months since we last saw each other, yet I must profess I have missed your companionship dreadfully!I do wish you had not insisted on returning to Gloucester Manor so soon, particularly since Aunt Shaw had offered to take us along on her jaunt to Belgium.Nonetheless, London life has been quite agreeable; I have had ever so many new garments made for me and attended such jolly picnics, balls and drawing parties! There is a gentleman in particular that I have conversed with numerous times on such occasions, who I hope you shall meet. His name is Mr. Barrack and he is perfectly splendid; handsome, charming and courteous. He is a close relation of Lady Margaret De Leon and Mother is simply delighted at the prospect of him calling on me.It seems an eternity since we were together last, painting and having a jolly time. I know you had always wished to attend that college in Cambridge like your brother but it is just as well universities won't admit women or else we would have never met and Bedford Square Ladies College just would not have been the same without you.Do come for a visit soon, I know we shall have such a lovely time! Sir Helton's Ball is soon and it shall be so grand, you know he only holds one thrice a year. I shall be wearing my new satin apricot ball-gown with a cage crinoline, not the ancient fashion of a mountain of petticoats and everybody important and respectable will be attending.Lady Helton mentioned how she has sent an invitation to you, so you must attend and we shall be the belles of the ball!Do write back soon my friend,Miss Louisa Mayfair.To Miss Louisa Mayfair9 Harley St, London.January 2nd, 1954My Dearest Louisa,It seems your life in London suits you well, I know you must be enjoying yourself immensely with all those engagements and I am sure by now you are the most prized client to any dress-maker in London!This Mr. Barrack sounds promising, but please take care, dear Louisa to assess the true virtues of this man, do not let yourself be blinded simply because of his wealth and connections. After all, marriage is a life matter and you are a beauty with a sweet disposition and a fine dowry from a well respected family, there are plenty of prospects for you yet. Choose carefully who you entrust your hand to, dearest Louisa for you and everything you are entitled to become property of the man you marry.Anyhow, I shall cease my lecturing now to inform you of the good news I shall be arriving in London by the end of this month, just in time to attend Sir Helton's Ball. All the arrangements have been made for us to stay with Cousin Josephine, who utterly insists I must have a fresh ball-gown made in that new fashionable method you mentioned. Personally I do long to cast away folly and cut all one's clothes an inch shorter, (a good many inches) and rejoice in one's legs like a free-minded Albion's daughter.I shall be seeing you...

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