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Do you know how the 19th Amendment was formed? The Amendment was brought to congress over women suffrage. These women fought for their rights for 70 years. Finally getting the amendment ratified on August 18, 1920. The 19th Amendment states that “the right of citizen of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” Women’s suffrage leads to the build up of the 19th Amendment.
Women were getting tired of not having the same rights as men, so they wanted to make a move to change this. Women got so tired of staying at home while the men worked. Women wanted to get an education. So they fought for their freedom. Abigail Adams ...view middle of the document...

Stanton, Anthony, and Sojourner fought to give former slaves, rights. The 15th Amendment said that “The right of citizens to vote shall not be denied or abridged on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude,” Women of all races were still denied the right to vote. By 1916 most of all the major suffrage organizations united behind the goal of a constitutional amendment. The ERA was rewritten by Alice Paul in 1943; it was first passed by the U.S. Senate and then the House of Representatives. Women in the Progressive ERA achieved many important reforms. Alice Paul and the National Womans party were attacked, arrested, imprisoned, and force-fed. The conscience in the country was stirred, and support for women suffrage grew. The 19th Amendment steamrolled out of congress in 1919. It got more than half its ratifications it needed in the first year. The threat of rescission surfaced when the amendment approached the necessary ratification by three quarters of the states.
The 19th Amendment was ratified on August, 18, 1920. Men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States. The Republican Party and the Democratic started to support the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 1940’s. A vote casted by 24 year old legislator, Harry Bum, was the changing factor. Harry Bum changed his no to a yes after getting a letter from his mother saying,...

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