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The First Woman Doctor Essay

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In 1844 that Blackwell convinced herself that she was going to become a medical doctor. With her determination stubbornness and persistence, it was the perfect goal for her. she openly discussed this idea with her friends. Some of them encourage her but warned her that the path she had chosen to take was one filled with struggles and hardship. They advised her that if she chose to study medicine, her best choice was to move to France, disguise herself as a man, and only then would she be accepted into medical school; while others strongly opposed her idea and plainly told her that it would be impossible. They tried to gently dissuade her from such bold dreams. Elizabeth however would not be dissuaded; Even as a young child she had had a reputation of being stubborn and determined. She began her studies by reading medical books. Later on, in 1845 Elizabeth moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where she taught school and, along with the help of physician John Dickson, she studied medicine in her spare time. Her next move, in 1846, was to a girls' school in Charleston, South Carolina, where she had more time to devote to her medical studies, this time under the guidance of Dickson's brother, Samuel. It was still a very difficult goal to pursuit because of a lot of people who were not as opened minded as her father was , and had trained her to be. They discouraged her profoundly. Very determined as Is her true nature, she didn’t resign or giver up her goals. Some of her friends then told her to try some of the schools in Philadelphia. Upon reaching Philadelphia, Elizabeth boarded with Dr. William Elder, and studied anatomy privately with Dr. Jonathan M. Allen as she attempted to get her foot in the door at any medical school in Philadelphia. She was met with resistance almost everywhere. physicians recommended that she either go to Paris to study, or that she take up a disguise as a man to study medicine. Most of the reasons her dreams of becoming a doctor were rejected were because (1) she was a woman and therefore intellectually inferior, and (2) she might actually prove equal to the task, prove to be competition, and that she could not expect them to "furnish [her] with a stick to break our heads with". Out of desperation, she applied to twelve "country schools Elizabeth was more determined and adamant about acquiring the status of a doctor .She tried relentlessly to gain admittance into some medical schools in the United state’s.

After failed repletion's of writing letters and getting back polite benevolent refusals, she finally got accepted to the Geneva, New York, Medical College In 1847.she learned that her application to the Geneva school was initially rejected and she was only admitted as some sort of practical joke, for no woman had ever attempted to gain admittance into a medical school. All eyes were upon the young woman that was regarded by many as immoral or simply mad. At first Elizabeth was even barred from attending...

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