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The First Three Steps In The Twelve Step Recovery Program Of Alcoholics Anonimious.

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" HOW TO LEARN TO GIVE "Have you ever woke up one morning only to find that you can't remember what happened the night before, and because of it felt like your life was becoming unmanageable and that you are just ready to give up, praying to God that if He would just help you through "this one" that it would never happen again. If so, without knowing it, you have already started working the first three steps in the twelve step recovery program of alcoholics anonymous, which I will generally take you through and attempt to relate to you my personal experience and struggles with each. Through my personal struggles and interviews with my A.A.{Alcoholics Anonymous} sponsor I discovered that these first three steps in laymen's terms mean, "I CAN'T, HE CAN, I'LL LET HIM". (Rick) These three steps are the most important because they involve total surrender and complete admission of defeat and will thus mark the beginning of a new way of life, if they have been thoroughly worked.STEP ONE "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable."(Alcoholics Anonymous p.59) For me to admit that I was powerless over alcohol was not a major issue because it was more than obvious that I suffered from addictions. My problem was that I thought all I had to do was acknowledge and accept them for what they were and the problem would just go away, which was not the case because they continued to get worse as time went on, and that was due to the fact that I could not admit that my life was unmanageable because of them. After many years of trying to continue in this manner it started becoming obvious to me due to the quality of the cars I was driving and purchasing. When addiction first started settling into my life I owned a brand new Chevy Camero Z-28. After addiction had taken over I had been reduced to an old, barely running 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo. This was my first observation that maybe my life was becoming unmanageable. Even after making this observation I still struggled with and did not want to admit exactly how unmanageable my life had become. Never mind all of the unpaid bills I had acquired, and the thousands of dollars in back child support that I owed. What it finally took for me was when my ex-wife started refusing to let me see my children due to my addictions. That is the point in my life where I fully understood and accepted just how unmanageable my life had become. It took my losing the two people that I love most in life to realize what I had become, which was my own worst enemy. I wish I could have found an easier, softer way to work this step, but I could not.This step is the hardest one to work for a lot of people because it demands full admission of defeat to complete it. Who wants to admit complete defeat when you have lost faith in everything {including God}, and feel that you have nothing to fall back on or believe in, which leads us into step two.STEP TWO "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves...

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