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It takes many factors to help build and shape a future educator. One must examine personal educational experiences before being truly able to discover what teaching means. I believe teaching is a part of you, what you experienced, what you believe, and how you envision education. Teaching is more than a job you "show up for" nine months out of the year. It is a way of life. Teaching cannot be taught in a textbook; it is a collaboration of your own educational memories and ideas. While there are centralized concepts relating to teaching, such as parent/student/teacher relationships or classroom management, none of them can be taught. They must be experienced, improved upon, and then practiced.From my two week stage I found that the importance of teacher modeling, keeping the teaching diverse and constant reflection are three personal experiences that demonstrate the complexity and the compassion it takes to discover and practice teaching. There are going to be students who do not know where they are going, those who never make it on time to class, and those who are emotionally and physically off the walls because they do not know what to expect or have any idea of relaxed behaviors. The solution to the problem begins with teaching teachers how to model routines, procedures, and behaviors they expect from their students. Handling transitions calmly, not speaking during announcements, and flowing with the changes in the day are simple concepts that affect the way students behave and handle change in the classroom. At times during my stage I can hear a teacher screaming directions, getting frantic with students who are not listening, and sending students mixed signals about directions and expectations, I understand why there are behavior issues and problematic transitions in school. We cannot expect from others what we do not do ourselves. I believe that teachers should learn to model and continually practice positive and appropriate behavior and academic skills.Society is becoming increasingly more diverse and children themselves have always had their individual needs. Thus, teaching itself must remain diverse. Teachers must prepare for greater diversity in teaching. Teachers must take into account that in reality not all students learn the same way. To teach diverse learners it requires the educator to monitor student progress and to respond to student input. Teaching is not a one-way delivery of knowledge, but an interactive process that requires adapting and changing to the needs of individual students. Chanti LePessec, an art teacher at Bialik High School, believes that the dynamics of the lessons should be switched up each time the class comes in. This way it keeps the...

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