2.1: Becoming Familiar With Relevant Aspects Of Students’ Background Knowledge And Experiences

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As a teacher it is important to become familiar with students not only on a personal level but on an educational level. Educators need to know how to find previous known information about students and their culture. Furthermore, teachers need to be able to recognize what to do with information given to them by students. Students also have different ways of learning and teachers need to learn how to differentiate their lesson plans accordingly. There are many factors that teachers have to recognize in their students.
Teachers need to know how to locate the background knowledge that their students have prior to coming into their class. Ways to figure out students’ prior knowledge is to do pre-testing. This can then be used to eliminate lessons from the teachers agenda. With this understanding of content by the students, this eliminates time wasted teaching already learned concepts. Furthermore, using an IEP is another way for a ...view middle of the document...

In the modern school setting, boys can become agitated by sitting all day and being lectured. They need to be up and active along with not be scolded harshly when rough play is occurring. Furthering this, teachers need to recognize this when making lesson plans and give students time to get up and move around. Next, socioeconomic status can be one of the biggest factors that influences a childs education. If a child isin a situation where the family is poor, the child may then my impacted negatively.
Finally, teachers have to plan accordingly for the students varying learning styles. Some students are considered gifted and talented while others have learning disabilities. Teachers need to also recognize the different learning styles along with the multiple types of intelligences. When a teacher realizes all of this information, making lesson plans to fit every student will be difficult, but manageable because it can vary from lesson to lesson.
Evidencing an icebreaker activity I have a picture of an activity I did. It shows that by answering these questions a teacher can learn basic information about students. By doing this activity my teacher was able to get to know all of her students along with myself in a short non-formal way.
Next, is a picture of the front and back of a student information verification form. This form tells the school who to contact if something happen to me. It includes all information about my parents and siblings. Furthermore, this sheet also has emergency contacts listed incase of emergency along with allergies, medical alerts, and medical considerations.
In conclusion, teachers have to take on all aspects of students' life and experiences in order to create a proper, effective, lesson plan. With receiving this information, teachers can make arrangements to then teach to a wide array p students who come from all types of backgrounds. As an educator, there are also many other factors including socioeconomic status and gender which can affect learning. Finally there are also different learning styles. Overall, teachers have to be aware of the many different facets that come to surface in the classroom in order to be effective while teaching.

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