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2. Assess The Main Threats Of Is/It Outsourcing And Put These Possible Threats In Order Based On Its Importance.

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Commonly use outsourcing and managed services for their company. Outsourcing of information technology is not new for those who work in the technology and banking sectors. Although this area is new on the IT areas, it is one that may be more prevalent in the workplace, especially when it comes to data security. This is because many banks do not have the expertise to gather all the information effectively.
2.1 Quality control
In some cases, these organizations have to pay a high price for qualified professional or take a candidate who is skilled and teaching expertise and technology needed to implement new employment responsibilities. This can cause their mistakes and costly employee training and extended working hours to complete the task. Errors and concerns over the quality will cause employees to feel downtime and work is not completed on time. Outsourcing projects need more honesty for different quality programming. With any organization that has a challenge to find a qualified professional. Most problems do not arise until later and unless the project is well written. These issues can result in loss of income to the company.
2.2 Safety of confidential information.
All banks are outlook to e-mail in confidence to sensitive customer data is exposed to the risk of being copied and then used or sold. Outsourcing provides access to third party that is customer the complete information from the bank. If the banks involved in a lot of industries that deal with sensitive information from customers, such as finance, banks can put information and their credibility at risk. There are some cases, the firm lowered to security attacks than employees who do not have a sense of trust and responsibility of the company or any of the shares of the bank information. Such violation may destroy the banks and financial reputation. This can increase the risk of sensitive data loss and loss of privacy also prone to information theft.

2.3 Familiarity issue
With specific database, imaging and other types of software are in dire need in-depth knowledge of support staff. The staff in the company did not have the necessary expertise to ensure their complex systems up and running. Bank uses the standard software, outsourcing firms cannot provide the level of support to the needs of the business bank.
2.4 Virus
An effect of virus is so dangerous so the effect is a serious impact on outsourcing. Another related harm is a worm virus that makes computer to remote mail server and sends the e-mail cascading because denial of service attacks. These attacks are becoming more urbane.
According to Carole Theriault, security consultant at anti-virus company Sophos "Most mass mailing viruses require recipients to open an attachment to run malicious code,". "However, there are viruses that can take advantage of security flaws which means that the only view or open e-mail enough to launch malicious code."
According to David Litchfield, founder of NGS Software "We see it all the...

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