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2. Genre Approaches Essay

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Genre is known to change discourse by the format the information is presented to the audience (Varela, 2008). It is also a category of composition that is characterized by a particular style, form or content as dictate by Webster Third Dictionary. However Trosborg (n.d) stated that for the past decade, genre identification, classification and description have been scholarly concern. Certain scholars dictate that genre is defined primarily around its basic external criteria such as journals and newspaper discourse while other scholars stand on the opinion that genre can be classify by its communicative purpose, linguistic content and form of role its play in the discourse made (Trosborg, n.d).
One of the scholar Swales (1990) stand firmly that the defining criterion for genre is the socio-rhetorical context, the categories defined by the community and communicative purpose. Therefore there is certain approaches of a genre to be effetively delivered to the audience after taking into account to what dictate an effective genre.
In this part of the essay, there will be discussion on how the commonly used approach of genre is utilize for which purpose of discourse. They are, typography, oral, and iconography approach. All of these approaches of genre usage will be discussed in detail in this section of the essay.
The first type of genre is typography genre which consist of written form of discourse. It includes books, magazine, newspapers, websites, diaries, memorandums, academic journals law policies and many more (Varela, 2008). Couture (1986) comparing genre with register stated that genre specifies conditions for beginning, structuring and ending a text. Which makes genre can only be realized in a completed text. Therefore Trosborg (n.d) elaborate more on text genre by stressing that typography can differ greatly in their linguistic characteristics.
Common approach of typography in genre can be clearly seen in the newspaper articles. They can range from extremely narrative and colloquial in linguistic form to extremely informational and elaborated in form (Trosborg, n.d). Somehow, different genre in typography approach can sometimes be quite identical. For example, newspaper articles and popular magazine articles can be nearly alike in form. These distinctive approach serve to make the discourse more effective to the targeted audience.
The next type is oral approach in genre. Oral discourse displays a number of differences from written discourse which are accounted for mainly by its communication channel and by being an on-line communication, such as cognitive processes and discourse generation and reproduction are performed almost simultaneously. Alongside with that oral discourse possesses a number of...

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