2005 Australian University Games; Sports & Event Marketing

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Executive Summary

This major research project is on sport and event marketing. Therefore the beach volleyball competition at the Australian University Games (AUG) was chosen. The report consists of a full analysis of the event, using observational research and theory from a number of sources. The paper attempts to analyze the event in a practical and theoretical way. It covers all the major issues concerning the marketing and theory relating to the event.

The Australian University Game (AUG) is a big annual Australian Sports Event and was this year held in Brisbane, Queensland. The beach volleyball competition was held at the beach, Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (QSAC) (formerly QEII Stadium). In the paper it will be shown where the strength and weaknesses lie and where improvements need to be made.

The main weakness was, that there was basically no audience and also the promotion was very weak. The key strength of the event was, that the organization run smoothly and that the targeted goal of the Australian University Sport Association (AUS), to develop & provide sporting opportunities for university students, was reached.


Introduction- 4 -

1. Background- 4 -

1.1 Background of Australian University Games- 4 -

1.2 History of Beach volleyball from an Australian perspective- 5 -

1.3 The Venue- 5 -

1.4 General Information- 6 -

1.5 External Environment of the Australian University Games- 7 -

1.6 Competitor Analysis- 10 -

1.7 Stakeholders in Events- 12 -

1.8 SWOT-Analysis- 13 -

2. Sustainability- 15 -

2.1. Economical impacts- 15 -

2.2. Social impacts- 15 -

2.3 Environmental impacts- 16 -

3. Consumer Behavior- 17 -

3.1 Demographics- 17 -

3.2 Psychographics- 18 -

3.3 Behavior- 19 -

3.4 Potential target market and Key decision making criteria- 20 -

4 Setting up the research, and the developing the marketing plan- 22 -

4.1 Secondary data- 24 -

4.2 Primary Data- 25 -

4.2.1 Qualitative Research- 26 -

4.2.2 Quantitative research- 27 -

4.3 Budget for Research- 29 -

5. Marketing Mix- 30 -

5. 1 Product- 30 -

5.2 Price- 32 -

5.3 Place (Distribution)- 33 -

5.4 Promotion- 34 -

5.6 Is the marketing mix integrated?- 34 -

5.7 Does the marketing mix meet the needs of the target market?- 34 -

5.8 Key strengths and weaknesses of the marketing mix- 35 -

5.9 Recommended changes- 35 -

6 Marketing strategy- 36 -

7 Description and evaluation of the role of sponsors- 38 -

8 Event evaluation and success- 41 -

9. Recommendations- 43 -

10. Recommended Innovations- 44 -

10.1 Venue- 44 -

10.2 Product- 44 -

10.3 Targeted audience- 45...

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