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2006 Congressional Paper

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Six months before the November elections got here the main issues that were going to shape the competition began to emerge. It seemed at this time both parties were thinking they had certain advantages on their sides. The Republicans have had and were still counting on their strong financial advantage. The redrawn district lines were also in their favor. Republicans have also always the religious and faith based issues and constituent services to sway certain narrow majorities their way. These advantages got and kept and Republicans in office for the past twelve years, which historically that is their longest continual run in power. In about May of 2006 we see the Democratic Party starting to push certain issues to the forefront. The Democrats need to pick up at least fifteen seats in November to regain control of the House, six seats for Senate.One of the issues that the Democratic Party began to pushing early was the War in Iraq. The Democrats are banking on American’s unhappiness over the war to swing votes their way. Since Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003 his approval rate among Americans has dropped. In 2003 Bush’s rating was 69% and in one year it dropped to 55%. Another statistic that has steadily gone down is the number of American’s who thought the war wasn’t a mistake. In 2003 that number was 75% and now six months before the elections that number has dropped to 42%. With this one issue alone, granted it is a big issue, veteran Republican pollster Lance Tarrance says, “At this moment, it doesn’t look like the Republican Party can dig out of this hole.” He said this in May 2006.The immigration issue has made the republicans have to sweat a little. This has become an issue focusing on illegal immigrants coming into America, taking jobs from Americans, and sending the money home to their families in their homeland. This is a tough issue for Republicans because in 2004 Bush had 44% of the Hispanic vote. Up until recently the Republican Party was focusing on making America the fastest growing ethnic country. This worked until illegal immigration started getting out of control. Now that the Democrats have taken the stance in tighter boarder control and toughen relations on immigrants and their employers this may sway more votes their way. Republicans could try to take the same stance on immigration, but it would be devastatingly contradictory to everything to everything the Bush administration has been doing until now.Another big issue that will affect both sides is corruption. While this is an issue that has been around in different forms for more than a few different elections, already one Democrat Howard Dean used the phrase “culture of corruption” to describe the recent happening among both sides. While both sides have had their won scandals to defend it has been said this issue will hurt the republicans the most because they are the party in power. It has also been said that one of...

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