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2009 Question One Practice Essay

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Space exploration by the United States has been going on since the early nineteen hundreds. The impacts of space exploration can vary from being the first country ever to land on the moon, to having satellites orbit our planet. Despite the achievements space exploration has given to this country, there are many issues—with money, extraterrestrial threats, and the lack of a reason for funding—at hand that should be addressed to make decisions about the future of space exploration in the United States.
Money is a big deal to most people in this world. Putting money in the right place is something our nation has been struggling with in the past few years. In 2006, “...almost $17 billion will fly into NASA's coffers with about $5.3 billion dedicated to space exploration” (Source E). Giving 17 billion dollars to a company is a large sum of money. Only 31 percent of that sum will be put into space exploration. Space exploration is important, but giving NASA 17 billion dollars is far too high. There are other important things some of that money could be put towards, like our national debt. Funding NASA a little less will not be the end of the world, many other companies with far more important studies could use the money too.
Space exploration has taken humans to some amazing places like the moon. However, going to the moon may have had some unseen consequences. When the men on the moon returned to earth, they were quarantined “ prevent “back contamination,” the hazard that some infectious extraterrestrial germ might be riding with them” (Source F). This problem was easily resolved with disinfecting, but another possible problem has arisen. There is a possibility of forward contamination, or “...the infection of alien ecosystems by terrestrial organisms hitchhiking on a...

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