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2010 Season Of Butler Basketball Outline

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Alex Siderys
Mrs. Gallo
14 February 2014
2010 Season of Butler Basketball Outline
I. Introduction
A. Butler University has an attendance of 4,771. That nearly three times less then Duke University.
B. Butlers has always been great in the regular season but this season was a special one.
C. One reason the season was historical was because they had most likely the best coach butler has ever had.
D. There were multiple reasons why Butler had such a historical season and one part was the dedicated fans.
E. Butler Basketball had a historical season created by the players and Brad Stevens who led the to a great regular season, through the NCAA Tournament, and finally the National Championship.
II. Body
This butler team had multiple college basketball undervalued players.
Their best player was Gordon Hayward, who plays for the Utah Jazz, averaged 15.5 points per game as a sophomore.
Their presence in the paint was led by Matt Howard who average 11.6 points and 5.2 rebounds a game.
The point guard who led them as a sophomore was Shevlin Mack, who plays for the Atlanta Hawks, who averaged 14.1 points a game.
The senior leader Willie Veasly, who averaged only 9.8 points per game, helped them with his experience and basketball IQ.
They only had three seniors, who were Willie Veasley, Avery Jukes, and Nick Rodgers. They were a very young team. (
There were multiple key parts to this basketball team but most important one did not even play on the floor.
These player wouldn't even had the chance to play in the tournament with out there fearless coach Brad Stevens.
B. Brad Stevens was undervalued coach, who would show the college basketball world that he deserves respect.
1."Brad Stevens had just finished his first year as a marketing associate at Eli Lilly, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Less than one year removed from a four-year playing career at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., Stevens hadn't yet rid his system of his basketball itch." - Mark Schlabach (
2. After receiving replacing Todd Lickliter in 2007, who left to coach the University of Iowa, Thad Mattas said "He was an eager young coach who would do anything and everything to progress in the profession," (
3. When Brad Stevens was hired, he was the second youngest coach in the country at age thirty.
4. When they would reach the Final Four, he would be the youngest coach left.
5. He would face multiple elite coaches in tournament, for example Tom Izzo and Mike Krzyzewski.
6. He would face many challenege as any other coach would going through the NCAA tournament.
7. No one expected for Butler to have the season they did. They only three seniors on the team and a thirty three year old coach.
B. The Butler Basketball regular season was a historic season for the college basketball world.
1. They entered the season unranked and low expectations.
2. No expected the season they were about to have.
3.They ended the season with a...

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