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2013/2014 Queensland Australia Drought Essay

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The following is a report on Australian drought situation. It will identity the definition of the drought, describe the causes of drought, represent impact of drought in Queensland and introduce management to help farmers cope with future drought occurrences.
The definition of drought
A drought means there is not enough precipitation. It is a period of unusually dry weather that keeps on long enough to cause environment or economic problems which result in a water shortage and destroy vegetation, animals and crops. Drought can happen even if there is some rainfall. Bushfires and heat waves will occur because of drought. (Francesca.F, 2000)
Causes of drought
There are many causes of drought. The first element is about the water cycle. The moving clouds and moisture over the atmosphere cannot make a place receive the normal amount of rainfall during a period of time. ( Lincoln, 2014). It means there is not have enough moisture to create precipitation. If residents who live near a river, most of their water comes from this river. And their drought might because of the less precipitation at upstream. (ibid). As a result of the drought there will be a shortage of water in the region. The most important climatic phenomenon that causes drought is Southern Oscillation. “Southern Oscillation is a primary air pressure change which is a seesawing of atmospheric pressure between an area just to the north of Australia and the central Pacific Ocean.” (Study Guide 23). It is also linked to El Nino and La Nina. “El Nino is a complex interaction between air and sea in tropical Pacific. “(Robert, 2013). El Nino means little boy in Spanish and also means unusually high atmospheric pressure and sinking air through Northern Australian which means no moisture and no rainfall, which cause droughts to occur. The example of the aridity caused by El Nino is Australian drought in 1982 and the 2013-2014 Queensland drought. (Study Guide 78).

The impact of the 2013-2014 drought in Queensland.
1. Economic impacts
The economy is impacted in three ways look over sheet. First is through government spending. Second is the profit that comes from the agriculture. The last one is the export.
(1). Government spending Due to the drought in Queensland. People’s lives were affected by it. To control the consequence the Queensland Government provided up to $20,000 (excluding GST) in compensation to drought declared producers each financial year. (Andrew,2013) which increased the government spending and give the Queensland government more economic pressure.
(2)profit which comes from the agriculture.The second economic impact is the output of agriculture. The biggest victims from this drought is these residents who live rely on the agriculture. In 2013-2014, 65% of the territory suffered this arid. The output of crops fallen badly. This resulted in an increase in prices of wheat and other produce to the wider Australian community. The example is the output of raw...

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