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Matters concerning religion today were not like they were in the beginning of the sixteenth century. Before Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis starting the Protestant reformation, there was only the religion of Catholicism. The Protestant reformation, brought on by the northern renaissance, gave us diverse religions such as Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anabaptist, and many others. Although the spread of these new religions pleased the people of the country, the ruling authorities and catholic dignitaries were not. They found every way to make life for the reformed difficult. Over the centuries toleration grew for some countries but never came to others. Views on religious toleration changed from ...view middle of the document...

Throughout Europe there are many different reactions to the newly emerged religions. In Great Britain and countries alike, Protestants were harshly persecuted by the monarchy. This is prevalent under the rule of Bloody Mary who burned Protestants for their religious choices. This stays until the death of Mary and the rise of Queen Elizabeth and her Anglican Church. The power the monarchy had over the religion of their country in shown in document 6 as the English Levelers talk about their wants for a separate church and state and a less monarchical over religious figures. Although the information shows us of how there wasn't a separation of church and state, this information could be taken as bias for the fact that the English Levelers were radical reformers who wanted to persuade others to agree with them. Although Great Britain and those alike persecuted Protestants, not all European countries did. In the Netherlands and those alike came together to fight religious oppression and made compromises on the practicing of reformed religions. An example of unity against religious oppression is in document 2 when William Prince of Orange and the Archduke Matthias of Habsburg addressed the people of the Netherlands to come together to protect their religious and civic freedoms. This document is classified as bias because they address the people with the hope and intent to persuade people to agree and rise with them. Furthermore in places like Saxony, they gave some freedom to the reformed. This is prevalent in document 4 in how they let Lutherans practice their religion although with many restrictions it was a step towards religious toleration and was done in the name of peace for the country and in response to the suffering of the Lutheran people. Despite the advancement of these countries, there were still some not please by the reformed religions. This is shown in document 3 when they discuss the falsity of the divine predestination taught by the Calvinist.
As the centuries passed most of Europe became a more tolerant place, except for France. With the rise of King Louis XIV came the fall of toleration in France. As shown in document 8, Louis XIV revokes the Edict of Nantes removing all toleration of the Protestant faith in France. This document was biased because Louis XIV is historically catholic and he would defend and spread his religion to those who he could. With that it added to the already extreme persecution of high taxes,...

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