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2013 Fall Dance Concert Paper

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Dance is an art. It is a way for people to express themselves. The dancers in the dance concert truly showed their passion for dance. They were happy to be there, happy to be dancing. The three pieces I chose to write about are Australis choreographed by Paul Maley, On this earth I will dance choreographed by Jose Silva, and Far Nearer choreographed by Jonathan Alsberry. I really liked these dances because they were really expressive and used a lot of interesting dance moves.
The first dance I chose to explain about was Australis choreographed by Paul Maley. There were many things that I liked about this dance. In this dance, there are many jumps and leaps. There were a lot of times where they would roll on the floor to get to another place. I noticed that there was often like a chain reaction movement where one person did the move, and then the next person did the same thing, and so on. I noticed that there were a lot of different groups. Sometimes there were a bunch of people and sometimes there were only two. I liked the number difference because sometimes it's harder to focus on a bunch of people rather than a couple people. They mostly has happy expressions like they were excited. Their costumes were black tops and rainbow colored bottoms. I liked their costumes because they were different colored and pretty simple. The music is sometimes slow and sometimes fast. When it becomes fast, it sort of is suspenseful. The reason why I chose this dance was because it had a lot of dance moves that were inspiring to watch and also because I thought that their costumes were good
The second dance is called On this earth I will dance choreographed by Jose Silva. For this dance, I first noticed that they were all facing different directions to start. They also had maroon or brown colored costumes. All of them were wearing different types of clothing but they were all the same colors. Some of them had red strings tied to their wrists or ankles. Their costumes seemed to have a 'wild' or sort of African look to them. Like Australis, there were a lot of the chain reaction movements. There was sort of this lighting change from brown to blue. The blue background made silhouettes of the dancers which I thought was...

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