2013 Honda Cbr600 Rr Project Bike Essay

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In this article it talks about how the CBR600RR is one of their favorite super sport platforms because how easy it handles on the road. Honda installed a V.A.L.E. M-2 Slip-On Exhaust muffler from Two Brothers racing which you can get in titanium, carbon fiber, and polished aluminum. Two Brothers offers two separate carbon fiber designs, one with a conventional uniform weave pattern termed Silver series, and another with a more intricate-looking pattern dubbed the Black series. Other subtle differences are the use of black aluminum inlet and outlet pieces. They went with the Silver model since it’s more economical in terms of pricing ($518.98). One of the coolest features of Two Brothers pipes is the way it mounts without conventional exhaust springs with its patented Variable Axis Locking Exhaust set-up. This not only saves weight but also eliminates the worry of having a spring break after prolonged use. The slip-on comes with a stainless steel mid-pipe that attaches behind the ...view middle of the document...

However, in the city it is a bit too rowdy sounding and can attract unwanted attention from other motorists and law enforcement. Two Brothers offers an easy to install PIX Power Tip sound suppressor for $34.98 and you can get it in Silver, Gun Metal, Black, and Gold color that significantly reduces exhaust boom.
They say that on a sport bike tires are the first consumable item that needs replacement. They weren’t big fans of the OE-fitted Dunlop Sport max D214 hoops so they ditched them for a set of Bridgestone Battlax S20s. Over the last couple years they have racked up thousands of miles on this generation tire and have come to appreciate its neutral handling and quick warm-up times. They said though the tires don’t offer quite as much road feel as they would like, they still get the job done offering considerable grip at lean, during fast-paced rides. They have done three track days and accumulated another 500 road miles. So far they experienced no degradation in terms of grip and the tires appear to have considerable tread life remaining.
I personally think that Honda is not a good bike since I have been a Suzuki guy forever. To me not only do I look at looks but I look at durability toward racing and one thing Suzuki is best known at is there clutch. There are not a lot of cases where a Suzuki clutch has went out. I also look at track times and AMA racing. There are always at least 8 Suzuki’s in a race and at least 5 of them are in the top ten. There are only a couple of Honda’s and they are usually top 15.
Honda has never really had power like other bikes have such as Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. Honda is usually after them when it comes to performance. The new tires that Honda is using are okay tires but I personally prefer Michelin Pilot Power 3. The tire is a much stickier tire and you still can get a couple of years out of them. The new Honda CBR600RR sounds like a good bike for someone that doesn’t want nothing more than a 600 but it is not something I would get because like I said I like Suzuki and I have always been and always will be with them.

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