2014 Army Strategic Planning Guidance Ile Phase 3 Discussion Paper

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1. The 2014 Army Strategic Planning Guidance (ASPG) describes an Army led by adaptive leaders "that will be globally responsive, yet regionally engaged worldwide, with the capability to rapidly deploy, fight, and win whenever and wherever our national interests are threatened." To guide this approach for the future, the Army has five strategic priorities:
• Adaptive Army leaders for a complex world;
• A globally responsive and regionally engaged Army;
• A ready and modern Army;
• Soldiers committed to our Army profession, and;
• The premier all-volunteer Army.

Explain which priority is the most important and why. Identify how it supports other strategic-national documents or goals. Provide an example of something that the Army is doing or should do to enhance capabilities in that priority.

The Army Strategic Planning Guidance includes five very important aspects describing an Army led by adaptive leaders “that will be globally responsive, yet regionally engaged worldwide…” ¹ However, of the five strategic priorities, is there one aspect that is more important the then others? Although they are very close to importance and all very much necessary, there is one that serves as a base foundation. Without this base foundation, the other four would struggle to sustain. “Soldiers committed to our Army profession” ¹ is the most important and holds that base foundation needed.
As Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, said “you go to war with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you want or wish you to have at a later time.”[footnoteRef:1] The constant, every changing world in technology and tactics causes the Army and other militaries to feel as if they are playing catch-up. Looking at change management which “requires long lead times to determine and implement changes,” also requires Soldiers who can accept this delay and still remain committed to the Army profession. As the Army is prepping to reach that “catch-up” point, having the committed Soldiers will allow the forces to adapt to the use of what the Army currently has. For example, it was clear that many Soldiers felt frustrated about deploying to Iraq with the lack of life saving technology they know existed, but the Army had not completed the research and development or acquired enough equipment to provide to each unit. Although the frustration was high and at times moral was low, having that commit level from leaders and Soldiers allowed the Army to still be successful fighting with what they had on hand. If the Soldiers of the Army cannot adapt and overcome these challenges then the efforts of the Army will have a lack of passion and sustainment. [1: U.S. Army Command & General Staff College Combined Arms Center Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC) F100 Force Management, P920 Phase 2, Online Lessons]

With a strong level of committed Soldiers to the Army’s profession this allows for a strong standing point to be able to accomplish national and strategic...

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