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21 Tips For Healthy Skin Essay

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21 Tips for Healthy Skin
These tips will help keep your skin young and healthy.
1. Avoid long hot showers. Heat robs the skin of its moisture and eliminates its protective oils. Stick to 10 minutes and make sure the water is not too hot.
2. To find out if your skin is dry, scrape it into a small square on the arm or leg. If your nail leaves a white mark, it is actually dry and needs to be moisturized and exfoliated (that is to say, free of the surface layer of dead cells).
3. Consider your neck and chest, especially the top, as an extension of your face. The skin of these two parts of the body is particularly sensitive and therefore more likely to show signs of aging such as dryness, brown spots and wrinkles. In order to preserve his youth, use cleansing creams for the face rather than deodorant soaps, which can dry out? Then apply a moisturizing facial cream. If your skin is particularly dry, apply a moisturizing mask twice a month.
4. During the night, run the humidifier in your room. Your skin itch less and you breathe better.
5. If your skin is sensitive, opt for beauty products simply formulated without dyes and perfumes, and without "antibacterial" on the label. Also avoid products that make bubbles. All these substances can irritate the skin.
6. To restore softness and youth to the skin of your hands and feet at night, apply moisturizer and put on socks and gloves to sleep.
7. Tone your skin with a blend of sage, peppermint and witch hazel, first to limit the production of oil, the second to stimulate and refresh, and the third to regenerate the protective layer of the skin. Mix 110 ml of witch hazel water with 1 tablespoon of sage leaves and the same amount of mint leaves let steep 1 to 3 days before using the preparation.
8. Use a Luffa daily to eliminate ingrown hairs and skin peeling. In the shower, pass with circular motions on bumpy and dry parts of your body. You skin even sweeter if you put a few drops of a product with alpha-hydroxy acids on the sponge before you rub.
9. Apply unscented baby powder in areas where two skin surfaces touch, for example, the inner thighs, armpits or area under large breasts. This will keep your skin clean and dry and prevent intertrigo, skin condition appearing in places that are still wet and beloved by bacteria and fungi.
10. If you spend the day outside, avoid perfumes and scented lotions that the sun can marbling skin.
11. Apply aloe vera gel on the dry parts of your skin. The...

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