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21 Misbehave Essay

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21 Plots Misbehave is an interesting addition to the Traveller universe started by GYPSY KNIGHT GAMES in that it begins to branch out and reference back to some of the more nefarious aspects of Traveller while staying within the open license. This book highlights the high times of lowlifes that marked much of the early years of Traveller – where working class stiffs are often called upon to do something no quite legal (by breaking unjust laws) yet at the same time not immoral. Could this then be called 21 Shades of Misbehavior? ‘Fraid not… It retains a gritty character of many a Traveller adventure but it was without any of the darker corners that populate at least My Traveller Universe (and I do not think that I am alone in having a Mos Eisley bar in every port – the secret is to know what brings your characters there – to feed an addition to Deathsticks or make contact with the femme fatale Zhodani patron who will ask them courier something past the border). So, I have to conclude that this is a valid first step at pushing the OGL into greyer areas.

The adventure seeds are solid enough and the minor acts of “rebellion” remind me of Dukes of Hazzard or MacGyver episodes rather a more sophisticated take like in Heist or some of the European, especially. French or UK crime dramas. Then again, that would skirt the edges of the license and GYPSY KNIGHT GAMES has a very fine line to tread there. So, these adventures fit very nicely into any campaign either as one-shots or just filler between the action sequences of a campaign.

The organization of the book is the same as the other 21 plot books with a basic description then a D6 resolution thus allowing a referee to find 126 possible adventure outcomes by changing around the particulars. It is well integrated into the Clement Sector sourcebook but can be adopted into the OTU or other SFRPG without any difficulty. Absolutely, brilliant, and thanks for listening GYPSY KNIGHT GAMES is an integrated index to all 21 Plots adventures making this a...

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