21st Management Era Essay

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1.0 IntroductionNowadays In global business, Manager should not try to move forward with same business or same product. Where industry find a new type of business and those businesses of gaining the market then should start that business and try to make your position strong. They are four stages in the product life cycle 'Introduction; Growth; Maturity and Decline'. The environmental changes in business need the very appropriate strategy and long term planning. If any manager has not adopted the any fundamental rule and style of making strategy than it will be very difficult to compete in the global environment and it's look very different with in the past management.2.0 What is Management?Management is the achievement of organizational goals by engaging in the four major functions those are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. (Bartol et al, 2003, p.5). In other word management or managers work with true people to achieve strategy goal. First of all, planning is the process of setting goals and deciding how best to achieve, secondly organizing is the process of allocating human and non human resource, so that plans can be success, third leading is the process of influencing others to engage in the work behaviours necessary to reach organizational goals and finally controlling is the process of regulating organizational activities so that actual performance conforms to expect organizational goals. All of that can be success if planning, leading, organizing and controlling have a link with managerial roles which created by Mintzberg in 1960.There are three general types of roles, Mintzberg observed were interpersonal, informational and decisional.2.1 InterpersonalInterpersonal roles grow directly from managerial position power, involve developing and maintaining positive relationship with significant others. In addition interpersonal describe about good leader, image, push the worker to improve their work and have a brilliants vision. In this stage there are three main points. Those are figurehead, leader role and liaison role which figureheads is a projecting a set of values, leader role is need to be informed as well as informing, and liaison role is developing channels of communication. This role including hiring, training, motivating and disciplining employees (Robbins et al, 1990, p.8).2.2 InformationalInformational role is related to receiving and sending information so managers can act as their organization unit. In other words the process of carrying out these role place the manager at a strategic point to gather and disseminator information (Davidson et al, 2000, p.16). In this stage there are three main points. Those are monitor, disseminator and spokesperson which monitor is the place of manager found internal and external information about how to improve their organization, secondly disseminator is transmits information internally obtained from internal or external source and finally spokesperson is a transmits information...

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1365 words - 5 pages Customer Driven Processes. A modern business cannot survive without using the proper tools.Works CitedDessler, Gary. Management.: Leading people and Organizations in the 21st Century.Custom Electronic Text for University of Phoenix. New Jersey: Prentice Hall2001.Packard, Thomas. TQM And Organizational Change And Development. Reid Moomaugh & Associates 1996. 07 December 2004..Sawyer, Lawrence B. When the Problem is Management. The Internal Auditor. Vol55, Iss. 4. Aug 1998. 11 November 2003.

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