24 Hour Diet Recall Of An 18 Year Old University Student

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Dietary assessments are important to maintain overall good health. They are a form of assistance in roughly calculating food and nutrient intake for an individual. Dietary assessments have a focus on finding any over or under indulgence of specific foods or nutrients while also determining any reasons for the inconsistency. Tools such as a food supply data, food diary, duplicated food collection and 24 hour recalls are a select few of the ways in which food and nutrient intake can be recorded. A 24 hour recall is a direct way to measure dietary intake, the use being to collect data on what one particular person has both eaten and drunk within the previous 24 hours(1). Just like ...view middle of the document...

The Method of the 24 hour recall can be found in the notes for tutorial 2(3), and on the unit outline. (4).

The subject was an 18 year old female named Jessica Murrey, she was 166cm tall and weighed approximately 72kgs. On the day of the 24 hour recall Jessica’s main activities included university, and an hour long game of basketball. Being that she was 18 years old her results were compared to the children's guidelines to healthy eating for serve amount.
Jessica’s dietary intake did not match up correctly with any of the food groups. For vegetables, grains and dairy products she was lacking in serves, while for meats, fruit and discretionary items she had more than recommended. Jessica could change her diet to more properly align with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2) firstly, by cutting down her sizes of the meats she is eating. She had two main meals that mostly embodied either beef or chicken. She could have made the chicken or the beef a supplementary ingredient instead of the main ingredient in one of those meals, then she could cut down on portion size and still be getting the nutrients she needs. In decreasing the portion size of the meats she could then increase the amount of vegetables she accompanies the meats with in order to reach the recommended serves of vegetables. She was quite far off the recommended serves for grains, which is quite an important food group, a way of increasing the amount of grains she gets would be of course by making her portion sizes bigger, but the less obvious way would be to accompany some of her meals with a grain ingredient, for example having her breakfast with a crumpet or have some rice along with her steak, which would also help fill her up after reducing the portion size of her meats. Though the subject did have a busy day with university and her basketball game she still managed to have three large main meals along with three sets of snacks throughout the day. This would provide the assumption that she does have time to prepare her meals and perhaps plan a more beneficial meal plan.

The issues that arose while doing the 24 hour recall were ones that are out of the control of the conductor. Serving sizes are the biggest issue as, without having the subject correctly weigh out all of the food that was consumed over the 24 hour period it was very hard to try and work out exactly how much of each ingredient she had. Also the information she gave could not be completely honest, unbeknownst to the interviewer She may have changed her food to something she thought was “healthier”. In order for the 24 hour recall to be able to provide a usual intake of food for...

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