2498 Word Essay About A Women's Right To Have An Abortion. Includes Statics, Examples, And How Precedures Are Done.

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A Woman's Right to ChooseAccording to National Health Statistics, "43% of American women will have an abortion at some time in their life." Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in our nation today. We are constantly being surrounded with advertisements on billboards, in magazines, in newspapers, and on television with slogans such as pro-life and pro-choice. The medical definition of abortion is the end of a pregnancy before viability. There are two different types of abortion. Accidental abortions, commonly known as miscarriages, are not included in the controversy over abortions. Therapeutic abortions, or terminations of pregnancy via the intervention of a physician by way of surgery or medication, are at the root of the argument. Among the arguments against abortion, pro-life is a common belief shared by Americans. It allows for abortion in a few justifiable circumstances. Pro-lifers are in favor of the rights of the fetus and the preservation of innocent lives that have merely begun. Another popular argument is that giving a woman the right to choose is allowing her to play God. Members of a number of different religious groups hold this belief. On the other hand, Pro-choice supporters believe in the rights of the woman and regulation over one's self. Aside from being the strongest, pro-choice is the only substantial defense in favor of abortion. Although their arguments are weak and insufficient, they seem to have control of the situation at the present time.Laws regulating abortions have changed throughout the years. Prior to Roe vs. Wade, it was up to the state and abortions were usually only performed on women at risk of losing their lives due to their pregnancy. In 1973 a single pregnant woman by the name of Roe won a case making the Texas criminal abortion laws unconstitutional by the privacy clause of the fourteenth amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling involved three different clauses. The first is that a woman and her doctor may freely decide to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester. Followed by, state governments can restrict abortion access after the first trimester with laws intended to protect the woman's health. The third allows abortions after fetal viability if the woman's health or life is at risk, but lets the state governments choose whether or not to prohibit other abortions. Even with this ruling many hospitals owned and ran by Roman Catholics refused to carry out abortions. The laws allow state governments to decide how late an abortion can be carried out, but most doctors will not perform one after twenty weeks. Due to the limited restrictions in having an abortion, anyone is allowed to have an abortion with or without sufficient reasoning.Pro-life is the belief that life becomes human life at the instant of conception (or perhaps shortly after) and that it should be protected under law from that point. When the movement began in the 70's, they opposed any and all types of abortions. Recently...

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