25 Years From Today Essay

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It is the year 2039. It has been eleven years since I have been married to the most beautiful women in the world. I met her after graduating UCLA with a PHD in chemical engineering. It took me six years to get my PHD. I met my wife in a bar when my friends and I had a party for graduating after all those years of hard work. She was sitting in the corner of the bar with her friends, drinking a margarita. I was drawn to her like a bee to honey. I had to talk to her, whatever it took I would do. When I approached her she was laughing. Her laughter left me mesmerized. Her eyes were beautiful. She had light hazel eyes, beautiful long black hair, and the nicest curves on her body you could imagine. She was altogether a beauty goddess. I asked her to dance and she said yes. That is when our relationship started. As our relationship continued we fell deeper in love as the days passed by. By the time we got married I was twenty-eight years old. Our wedding was beautiful. It cost about one hundred thousand dollars. This was not that much since I got paid fifteen thousand a month working for the army of the United States of America. We spent our honey moon in Hawaii. When we got married hover crafts had just come out. After that year everything became computerized. Our first House was a big blue house. It had four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The back yard was bigger than the whole house combined. It had a tree house the size of our four bedrooms combined. The house was computerized. We didn’t have a TV anymore. They had stopped making TV’s in 2019 instead of a TV we had a computerized room where you could become part of the movie. You just had to choose the character you wanted to become and you became that character. The fridge never ran out of food because it refiled itself you just...

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