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2nd Grade Comprehension Essay

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Increasing Children’s Academic Self Esteem
Hanich & Jordan (2004) completed a study that showed that students have a realistic understanding of their academic skills. The method for this study was that students rated their competence in mathematics, reading and general intellect. Surprisingly, the student’s beliefs of their abilities were generally what their results showed. This study shed light on student’s awareness for their own need for reading comprehension improvement. This study agrees with the researcher that comprehension is an issue but also shows student self esteem is an issue as well.
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This article assists the researcher in seeing how the home is just as important as the classroom in ensuring children’s success.
Test Scores and Comprehension Needs
Test scores are generally used as a method to indicate whether a student is succeeding in a given area or not. A study was done among kindergarten and first grade teachers to examine their attitudes toward and knowledge of beginning reading practices that have been shown to prevent reading failure (Bursuck et al., 2002). The results of this study show that kindergarten and first grade teachers are listening to the research on reading problem prevention.

Many studies and research have been done to show the need for increased 2nd grade reading comprehension. The studies that have been investigated show that many students are struggling to read at their grade level and many additional reading intervention programs have been implemented to improve 2nd grade reading comprehension. The existing studies shed much light on the effectiveness of intervention programs, visual aids, and student self esteem. However, some of the research fails to focus on classroom wide improvement and focusing on all children’s improvement versus only special needs students. The researcher plans to use the information already available through these studies to develop more effective reading comprehension methods and to involve students of every level.

RED 587 Implementation Matrix

This Implementation Matrix outlines the exercises that will take place with the 2nd grade students at Champion Elementary for the next 8 weeks. In Appendix A, located at the end of this paper, the assignments and the weeks they will take place are outlined in chart format. The first week will consist of a review of a story titled The Star Llama. Students will make predictions about the story based on the title, the material will be previewed and as the students read they will highlight important information throughout the text. When the students are finished reading the story, students will answer questions that measure what the students comprehended while reading the story, this will serve as the pre-test. Moreover, in the second week students will be asked to form a web chart of different cause and effect relationships and provide...

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