3.4.5 Urinalysis Biomedical Write Up

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Activity 3.4.5: Urinalysis – Student Response Sheet

Take notes on the components of a complete urinalysis below as your teacher reviews the Urinalysis presentation. Refer back to the presentation for normal and abnormal values for each category in the testing.
Urinalysis is a test that determines the content of urine.
Because urine removes waste from body it contains vital health information,
Can be used to detect some diseases.
Can be used to uncover evidence of drug abuse.
If urine shows abnormalities it can indicate congestive failure, injury to glomerulus or tubules from drugs, heavy metals and viral infections, diabetes, hypertension and kidney stones.

Record the results of your tests below:
Urinalysis Data Sheet

Control Sample
Case Study #__1___
Case Study #___2__
Case Study #___4__
Case Study #__5___

Macroscopic Analysis:




Chemical Analysis:



Specific Gravity








Microscopic Analysis:


Not present

Not present

Highlight values that are abnormal. Describe any abnormal findings for the patient

In new groups of four, further research one of the six patient conditions. Record answers to the following questions below:
How did the urinalysis results lead you to your diagnosis? What is the relationship between what you see in the urine and the disease or disorder?
In the urinalysis protein was found in the urine, which indicates proteinuria, proteinuria is a sign of kidney disease.

What are the symptoms of the disease or disorder?

In case study 2, there is a chance of him having kidney disease due to the abnormal amount of protein in his urine which is called proteinuria. At his last appointment he only shows one symptom of kidney disease which is proteinuria, but he may be perfectly healthy seeing as proteinuria is also common to those who have strenuous workouts.
How does this disorder relate directly or indirectly to other human body systems?

What further tests should be done to confirm your diagnosis?
A protein-to-creatinine test, which estimates urine loss. A GFR (glomerular filtration rate test) If protein levels in urine are consistently high than a CT or ultra sound of kidneys should be conducted.

What are possible treatments for your patient?
ACE inhibitor, used to regulate blood pressure.
ARBs reduce intraglomerular pressure by preventing angiotensin.

Take notes below as other groups present:
Patient 1- Diabetes
Urinalysis- excess glucose
Diabetes symptoms- Thirsty, blurry vision, fatigue hungry,...

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