3 Attributes That A Human Should Have To Be Considered An Agent

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There are many views on what infants believe can be agents. For an infant an agent can be anything that can have a goal or a purpose of action. The thing is that many different researchers have different ideas on what an infant identifies as an agent. There have been many studies done to figure this out. Some researchers such as: Melzoff, Tomasello, Woodward, Summerville, and Guajardo, believe in the humans first view. “This view predicts that young infants attribute goals to humans but not other agents”(Luo & Baillargeon, 2005). I believe this means that an infant will first consider an agent anything that is human and then other objects. Researchers like: Baron-Cohen, Gergely, Johnson, Leslie, and Premack say “from an early age, infants attribute goals to both human and nonhuman agents. We refer to this as the all agents view” (Luo & Baillargeon, 2005).
In an experiment done by Woodward in 1998 a human arm went to grasp toy A instead of toy B in the habituation phase. And for the test the arm grabbed toy B. Woodward found that the infant looked longer when the arm grabbed toy B. He concluded that “they interpreted the actor’s actions during habituation as directed toward the goal of obtaining toy A, expected the actor to pursue the same goal during the test and were surprised in the new goal even when they actor grasped toy B” (Luo & Baillargeon, 2005). Woodward followed this experiment with one containing a “flat occluder shaped like an arm and hand, a rod tipped with a sponge, or a mechanical claw” (Luo & Baillargeon, 2005). With this experiment he found that they didn’t look longer at the new goal even and said that, “5 to 6 month old infants attribute goals to humans but not to nonhuman agents” (Luo & Baillargeon). I think that form his findings we can infer that an agent for a 5 to 6 month old would be a human. Also that anything resembling a human but was not actually human could not be considered an agent.
In a study done by Luo and Baillargeon in 2005 experiments were done to help figure out whether it was true that “5 month olds may attribute a goal to a non human agent if given unambiguous evidence that they are indeed faced with an agent” (Luo & Baillargeon, 2005). I think what this means is that they were looking to see if infants can identify an agent if they know it has a goal even though it is non human. In their findings they saw that the infants “categorized the box as an agent, interpreted the box’s actions during familiarization as directed towards the goal of contacting the cone, expected the box to pursue the same goal during the test, and were surprised when the box approached the cylinder” (Luo & Baillargeon). These results to me seem very close to the results from Woodward’s experiments done with toy A and toy B. When comparing these two results I can infer that babies at 5 months do consider non-human objects as agents. Given that there is a familiarization trial and the babies get to know what object that the...

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