3 Book Report On The Shadow Rising, Hero In The Shadows, And Faith In The Fallen

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Summary I have read 3 books this term first of which was The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. This book is a continuation of the last 2 books I have read. In this one he gathers all the Aeil men together for a council meeting and tells them all that he is "he who comes with the dawn". Basically the whole book is about him going to the waste lands and going through Rodinaz. This book has 981 pages in it. Then next book I have read this term was Hero In the Shadows this book is by David Gemmell and is very exciting. It is about an old hero (Waylander). In the ruined city of Kuan Hador lurks a dark mystery. Shunned by brigands and common folk alike, it is home to a fearsome creatures known as the yu yu they are beast of legends they were bound by a powerful spell that is fading (of course) and no army waits to resist them. The one who leads a ragtag group of heros is Waylander (or the slayer) he is a dead shot with a cross bow and amazing with a sword. He leads a group to fight against the coming onslaught but finds in return that they are fighting for not only the fate of there town but the fate of the world (naturally). Any way he ends up dying in the end.This book has 406 pages in it. The third book I have read this term is Faith in the Fallen. By Terry Goodkind (I am actually reading it again because it ROCKS) this could most honestly be one of the coolest books I have ever read. It is such a powerful story. Richard is dragged away by a sister of the Dark Nicci she takes him back to the old world were he builds himself a merchant shop and starts up trade. He quickly gains the trust of everyone around him he then moves on to craftsmanship and makes amazing things in wood, stone, and steal. He is asked to create the statue that will be in the center of the New Orders palace. The statue he puts up there represents freedom no one was to look at it tell he was done. When he got done people realized the new order was not freedom he started a huge rebellion. And that is were the book ended. This book has 785 pages in it Thats a total of 2,172 pages this term (wow I am...

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