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3 Common Gym Injuries: Causes And Prevention

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When you hear the word "exercise", you would most likely associate it with being fit and healthy. After all, that is the main purpose of most people for going to the gym. However, just like any other physical activity, there are bound to be unfortunate instances that may hamper your movement or cause you some discomfort during an exercise routine. If you're an avid fan of the gym and all forms of exercise, perhaps you've encountered some of them. You've probably even experienced being extensively checked by your doctor with him using his entire diagnostic set ( before giving you his findings; that you just a common gym injury. However, if you're not really familiar with exercise and perhaps you're just planning to start going to the gym, the following insights regarding common gym injuries and how to prevent them might prove useful to you:

Quite painful to have, especially if you're often active, which means you'd probably move the affected body part. You can't even imagine being poked and prodded by your doctor with his diagnostic set when he checks you out, because it is that painful Well, this injury happens when any of your tendons gets inflamed or swollen. It is most often caused by doing a repetitive action or activity that involves the affected body part such as running. This type of injury can affect all major tendons in the body such as the knees, heels, or elbow; but it depends on the activity or exercise you're doing.

Among the ways that you may avoid this particular injury is to lessen the amount of strain on your tendons. Don't overdo one exercise, and especially don't do it for hours on end. If you run or use treadmills regularly, allow for some rest periods in between.

Rotator Cuff Injury
This injury involves the muscles and tendons on the upper part of your body, specifically the ones connecting your upper arms and shoulder blades. Any strain or injury sustained in any of these parts, especially on the...

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