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This 3-D diorama illustrates a significant scene in the novel Night. This story originated during the First World War in Sighet, Hungary. The Nazis were in power and they wanted to exterminate the Jewish population; this was referred to as the Holocaust. The religious town of Sighet has not been raided yet, so they’re expecting for the best. The main characters are Elizer and his father. Sadly, the Nazis reach Sighet and gather the Jews. They could only bring what they could carry, so homes and other valuables were left alone. In this scene, the Jewish population of the small town are being deported to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the first concentration camp they were sent to, so this was going ...view middle of the document...

On the right side of the stage, there is the horrifying concentration camp. This camp contributed to the death of over three million Jews. As you can see, there are the corpses of dead bodies all over the ground. The significant colors used are red and black within the scene. There are ruthless officers in the camp covered with blood from the assassinated victims. There is a huge crematorium where people would be burned after being killed. There is a red light inside to symbolize blood, screams and death. There are gray ashes rising from the crematorium and these are the only remains of the dead. The cattle car has just reached the Auschwitz station and the officers are preparing for a new batch of Jews. This scene shows the transition between the present and future. Furthermore, it illustrates what the victims of the Holocaust had to lose and endure for several years during the Great War. This scene (selection 2) illustrates an important twist in the beginning of the novel
I have incorporated many presentation techniques to further enhance my diorama. For example, my presentation uses many literary devices such as mood, juxtapositions, allusions, imagery and symbols. On the stage, there are two different scenes. One half illustrates Sighet and the other illustrates the Auschwitz station. Firstly, the outside of my shoebox contains two dominant colors: black and white. On one side, it is completely black on the exterior. Black is commonly associated with power, death, struggles and many other negative aspects. This technique better illustrates the literary term imagery. The Nazis were in power and they violently killed the Jews. Many of these people starved and had tough living conditions. All of these factors contribute to a negative mood and black is the best color to naturally create this atmosphere. The other half of the stage is covered with white. White often resembles peace, purity, religion and hope. Sighet is a very holy town, so they worship and strongly believe in their god. The environment and background looks beautiful, so it can be associated with perfection. I have also used a small portion of gray because it represents being neutral. Gray is found between white and black, so there is a balance between good and evil. The purpose of the gray is to add some relief between the two opposite sides. On the left side, I have placed a beautiful garden. There is an abundance of food, water and animals; there are small animals, apple trees and rivers. This portion of the stage would best represent the Garden of Eden....

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