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3. Do You Think That Human Nature Is Good, Or Evil, Or Both Good And Evil, Or Neither Good Nor Evil?

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One of the well-known Chinese philosopher, Mencius mentioned a hypothesis to propose his theory of the Four Beginnings is that if a child is going to fall into a well, every single person who witnesses this accident will be shocked since they feel sympathetic towards the child. This sympathy is not due to their relationship with the parent of the child or their moral image among their neighbors but their inborn humaneness. This spirit of kindness towards others can break the boundaries causing by ages, genders, nationalities and any other factors. The Four Beginnings consist of the beginning of benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom which all people should possess. It is obvious ...view middle of the document...

Imagine that, if a person suddenly faints and loses the control of his body, other people who is nearby will approach him and try to help him due to the commiseration in their unconscious mind. The actions due to sympathy indicates that the human nature is originally good.
By the other hand, human are also born with the beginning of righteousness. Righteousness, by Mencius, is the ability to manage persons’ behavior towards others and the road to achieve the highest moral standard. It means that for those who want to become moral men, both benevolence and righteousness should be attained so as to possess the mind and the road to achieve the highest moral standard. Righteousness allows people aware of what behavior they perform and the way they treat others and prevents them from harming others. Since men who hold righteousness will feel ashamed after doing something that breaches their good nature, they would consider the moral standard before they act. The feelings of shame and distress are come from the virtue of righteousness. People with the beginning of righteousness can appropriately respect their parents, teachers and seniors when they have developed this beginning into virtue of righteousness. In the...

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