3 Works Of Art From The Baroque Era

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Unit 4 Individual Project5/27/05For this essay I have chosen three works of art from chapter 20. These works of art are from the Baroque era. The first painting is titled The Calling of St. Matthew and was done between 1599 and 1602 by Michelangelo Merisi Da. I have also chosen a painting by Rembrandt van Rijn called Resurrection of Christ done between 1635 and 1639. The last piece of art I selected is a Landscape with Flight into Egypt, completed in 1603 by Annibale Carracci.Baroque Culture changed the face of Czech countryside for decades. The Catholic Church began to strive, doing things differently to re-impose its position. Any other religious denominations were outlawed. A lot of their old or damaged structures were rebuilt in Baroque style. There was a lot of emphasis put on unity and spiritual relationships.Michelangelo Merisi Da is better known as Caravaggio and he was an Italian baroque painter. His works portrayed saints and other biblical figures as plain ordinary people. Little is known about his early life but one might assume from his painting that he was a very catholic person with good morals. From what I have read, this is not the case- His fame came when he unveiled his three life size paintings narrating the life of Saint Matthew in 1600. At that time his life was filled with notorious violence. It is said that a full transcript of his trial pending and police records would fill several pages. Several of these violent incidences almost ended in his death. He was later ordered to quit Rome after one of his alliances was killed during a violent accident. I believe he wanted to paint saints and biblical figures as plain ordinary people to counter act the judgment placed on him for his outstanding police records and violence. Maybe to suggest that anyone can make a mistake, and that the saints and such were once ordinary people with problems just like him. (Caravaggio)The Calling of St. Matthew is a 322 x 340 cm oil painting done on canvas. This painting seems very dramatic and yet somehow silent to me. It is divided into two parts; here Christ and St. Peter have come to summon St. Matthew or "Levi" to another life and world. Christ's' gestures seem to be very demanding and everyone except two men at the table look shocked. The expressions on the men's faces are vivid; they look very attentive and maybe even concerned. The light in this painting has been manipulated- Some think that the light from the visible window that's covered with oil skin in this painting, probably came from the painter's studio. The upper light illuminates St. Matthews face and the group sitting at the table, and the light behind Christ and St. Peter is only introduced with them and could somehow be intended as miraculous. (conta)He used a bit of a blending technique in this painting; it is kind of hard to make out some of it. He has paid extra attention to expression on the faces here.Rembrandt van Rijn is considered one of the greatest painters in...

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