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3 Gorges Dam Opinion Essay Against Building It

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3 Gorges Dam Should Be StoppedThe purpose of the 3 gorges dam is to help China in many different ways, but Ithink that more than helping China out, it will bring more danger and damage to it. I thinkthat the dam should be stopped and should no longer be built. It will greatly destroy theenvironment and effect the people and endangered species in the area. It has already killedsome of the people constructing it. Why go further and risk the chance of killing more?The 3 gorges dam is destroying the environment little by little. Machines arecausing the air to be polluted. This will increase bad health among people and animals. Airpollution will also cause the environment to suffer. This means spending money onmedical and environmental costs, such as restoring the damages to the area that the damhas destroyed. This will be very expensive and could even add up to be millions of dollars.Another reason I think that the 3 gorges dam should be stopped is because it isbringing on danger of more earthquakes and landslides. This means increasing the risk ofdeath among people and animals living in the area. A dam is not going to protect thepeople and animals from these natural phenomenon's. It will probably even destroy thedam or damage it in some way, creating a larger expense to repair it, if there wassomething to happen to it. Not to mention the people and animals living by the dam will bein a high risk of danger if they remain living close to the construction of the 3 gorges dam.Due to all this danger and costs, people and animals will have to be re-located to anew area, meaning new homes and new jobs. Endangered...

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