3 Important Factors Are Cause Pollution Problems In Bangkok

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In the past, I have ever heard that Bangkok is paradise in Thailand but now everything is changed. Cassandra James who is Asia Travel Examiner told unless you've been to Bangkok, you cannot imagine how bad the pollution is. [1] How do you feel about this speech? But it’s true. Nowadays, there is much pollution in Bangkok such as air pollution, wastewater or noise pollution that impact on people who live in the city and tourist who stayed and traveled in Bangkok. Bangkok is the business center in Thailand so there are a lot of people in there. They have to live among the bad pollution because they cannot avoid or move to new city. The bad pollutions lead to many problems in life especially health problems and quality of life. Many people know that what cause pollution problems in Bangkok are that increasing of vehicle, industries and people in those areas and the numbers of buildings
Firstly, the increase of vehicles is mainly caused pollution problem in Bangkok. In 2 years ago, Yingluck’s government has policy ‘First-car’ to encourage Thai economy, but many people don’t agree with that because they think traffic jam in Bangkok and big city because of First-car policy. From The Nation online site write about as of 2012 October 31, “Car registrations in Bangkok had revved up to 7,384,934, of which 296,553 were for new cars bought under the first-car policy.”[2] These large numbers of increasing vehicles in Bangkok have shown that the roads are very congested from the past that impact on much pollution. Traffic jam is the cause of air-pollution and many pollution problems in Bangkok because the vehicles such as motorcycle, car or public transports belch out black smoke that includes gas and dust which cause bad pollution. In addition, gas especially Carbon dioxide from the vehicles are the cause of global warming also because this gas can destroy the O-zone that make the weather in Bangkok is very hot.
Then, industries and people who live in the city increase the pollution problem in Bangkok. For example, industries discharge wastewater into the river especially Chao Phraya river where is the main river in Bangkok. Although, the industries were required to treat the wastewater before discharge, it is still has more toxins. In addition, the industrial areas are covered by smoke and dust that have chemicals and...

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