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3 Lions Case Study.

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1 IntroductionWearside Management Consultants have been employed recently by Three Lions Leisurewear Limited to produce a report detailing how they should proceed regarding their financial situation. This report outlines the research carried out by Wearside and their findings with an interpretation of the results and comparisons. It also outlines facts and conclusions made regarding Three Lions and gives recommendations on how the company should proceed.1.1 AimsThe aim of this report is to outline a plan of action for Three Lions Leisurewear by Wearside Management Consultants. Wearside Consultants have carried out extensive research over a period of time to provide valid justifications and solutions to their financial problems. The other aim is to solve the problems associated with Three Lions cash inflows and outflows.1.2 Issues CoveredThe report looks at the debts of the company and the assets and liabilities in detail. It assesses the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the company and outlines areas for improvement.1.3 Sources of InformationThe main source of information for the report is the mini case study including the profit and loss account and balance sheet for 2000 and 2001. The other source is the derived cash flow forecast for 2001. A number of books including Business Accounting and Finance by Tony Davies and Brian Pain has been used to analyse, evaluate and draw conclusions on the case study.1.4 Scope and Limitation of ReportThe report looks at all aspects of the company with reference to the material provided. It does not make assumptions about the market, economic climate or other rival companies. The report is only based on the financial documents for the year 2000 and 2001 respectively. An analysis of market share, growth and rivals could not be made due to insufficient information, but future predictions have been made to evaluate possible scenarios.2 MethodThis section of the report outlines the problems with Three Lions Leisurewear LTD and outlines the process of the research collection for possible analysis.2.1 ProblemsInitially the main problem is debt due to the British back requiring a significant reduction in the overdraft. This poses a problem for Three Lions, as they will have difficulty fulfilling orders and trading without the overedraft. Three Lions also started trading in a period of recession but the economy has started to improve with the markets in France and Switzerland slowly opening to allow exporting. Arena, one of several national chains of casual and sportswear stores is placing large orders with Three Lions and these orders need to be completed without long delays. There is also no specific staff to deal with financial matters concerning the company. The Murdoch brothers, one of the largest shareholders is considering selling their share of the company to finance their own as they, themselves have financial problems. The board comprising of Kelly English, Managing Director and Marketing Director, Jim...

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