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3 Most Important Texts This Semester

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This last semester was a very crazy, hectic, semester filled with lots of fun and not so fun days. My English class was one of those classes where some days I was very interested in the stories and others I almost fell asleep from boredom. But from the texts that I found interesting, I think the three most favorite were: “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Porphyia’s Lover, and Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” Therefore, what are the three most important/ favorite texts from Senior English B?
Firstly, I really enjoyed reading, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” This story was much different from a lot of other Romantic’s Era stories that where written. Most of the Romantics are written about the beauty of nature in a peaceful or beautiful place while this story is much darker. It’s based on a ship full of men and their head captain, the Ancient Mariner. The mariner is punished for killing a peaceful bird and his punishment is ...view middle of the document...

It was a dark, stormy night when the main character comes home to find his lover waiting for him, she is very sad. She confesses to him that she had been cheating on him and surprisingly the main guy takes it okay. But there’s a plot twist, when the two lovers start to “make love” he grabs her hair and uses it to suffocate her. She dies because her lover is so angry from what he heard. So, for the fact that the author came up with the idea that someone could die from being choked by their own hair, I found this story very interesting.
Lastly, I really enjoyed reading, “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” This story brings comic relief that is very twisted because the person talking to us in the story is the person buried in the grave. So it’s a woman and she can hear footsteps above her and automatically thinks that her loved ones are coming to say hello. But the twist is: no one in her past life goes to see her; she is just a memory now. At first she thinks it’s her ex-husband, but he moved on quickly after her death, remarrying someone else. Then, she thinks it’s her family coming to visit, but they too have moved on completely forgetting about her. Then, she thinks her dog is coming to say hello too. But he also doesn’t care and remember about the girl in the grave. So here’s the twist, the dog is digging on top of her grave to find a good hiding spot for his bone, so he cares more about protecting his bone than remember his old lover. So I found this one very interesting for the author’s dark comic relief.
In conclusion, there were so many stories this semester that stood out to me, but I found these three to have the best connection with me and most important. The first is very important because it is the first known idea of pirates and people coming back from the dead. The second, I just found extremely dark and for that reason very interesting. And the third, for the comic relief brought up by the author on a more serious subject. Most of the stories I read, were about nature and I also enjoy nature. So semester two of my English class was, in my perspective, much more exciting than the first because of the more, dark interesting, comic relieved, and nature loving stories I read.

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