3 Resolutions Provided By Security Council Towards Issues From Iraq

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Three resolutions toward Iraq made by Security Council should be mentioned: 1483, 1511 and 1546. Under resolution 1483 made on 22 May 2003 Security Council should reaffirm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and control the process of disarmament of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Resolution 1483 strengthened on the importance of Iraqi people's right to determine their own political future and form a representative government whose law would afford equal rights for all Iraqi people despite their religion, political viewpoint, ethnicity and gender. The UN would play a vital role in humanitarian relief (food, medical suppliers and resources) and reconstruction of Iraq. The current resolution (as well as further resolutions) presumes a Special Representative for Iraq to report regularly about the situation in the country: return of refugees, humanitarian assistance, reconstruction of key infrastructure, protection of human rights, etc.The resolution 1511 was passed on 16 October 2003 and was sponsored by four countries: the United States, the UK, Spain and Cameroon. Resolution mandates the UN to strengthen its role as well as to continue its obligations and activities in Iraq. UN should assist Iraq to form a preparatory constitutional committee that would be responsible for constitution draft to be implemented later in the country. At the same time, CPA is responsible for reports to the Security Council on progress of power transfer in Iraq. Certainly, new formation of the government is merely impossible without enough funds, thus, resolution 1511 talks about transferring assets of the previous regime to the Development Fund and providing Iraq with necessary resources. Certainly, both UN and the United States should report at least every six months on any action, innovation and military matters done in Iraq.The third resolution 1546 passed on 8 June 2004 talks about new phase of Iraq's transition to democratically elected government, but at the same time recalls about and reaffirms the previous resolutions toward Iraq. Security Council recognizes the importance of international support, especially neighboring countries and regional organizations. Resolution welcomes the letter of Secretary General Kofi Annan where he empowered UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to assist the people of Iraq in achieving the formation of Interim Government. It is planned that Transitional National Assembly will be founded till 31 January 2005 maximum which later will be transformed into Transitional Government. The last one will be responsible for drafting a permanent constitution which later will help to organize constitutionally elected government by 31 December 2005. Considering all three resolutions mentioned above, the United States should consider and accept the UN as an important partner and administrator for the world community in Iraq since exactly the UN can solve the massive problems of post-war Iraq. The other plan of Security Council and UN will be...

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