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3 Strakowski Fallen Society Rough Draft

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Any society could fail any second, minute or hour, even the one you live in now. Societies can fall and not make a single sound. Citizens can be furious and rebel, leaders can ruin everything the society is, and laws and decisions can make or break a great civilization. Societies can crash and burn due to unhappy people, rebellion and wasted money. The failed societies of Nazi Germany and the science fiction society of Unwind by Neal Shusterman show just how truly any flaw can tear apart a society. Laws and decisions can be the downfall of a society, people become unhappy and start a rebellion.

In Unwind, written by Neal Shusterman, there are clappers. Clappers are "young terrorists" whose systems have been pumped with a chemical that makes their blood explosive. They get their name because they detonate by bringing their hands together in powerful applause. Clappers are exempted from unwinding on account of the explosives that are never entirely taken out of their systems. Because of them public applause was banned in many places in the society of Unwind. The children are unhappy with the laws and decisions made. Once one person rebels, they all take that chance and go for the rebellion. In Nazi Germany people were also extremely mad and unhappy with decisions made. Although some Germans were brainwashed by Hitler’s words of hate, people were still unhappy. Jewish people rebelled and organized resistance against the Germans. People rebelled because they were extremely mad at the prejudice choices made.There were many rebellion against Hitler in Nazi Germany, even some German people rose up and resisted. Every single well-made society has the strength to stay alive but many fall due to mistakes and wasting money on useless things.

Societies can crash and burn due to money wasted on useless things and other economic reasons. In the Unwind society, instead of using money to make the society bigger to actually hold the population, they spent it on “fine” harvest camps to keep children until they were unwound. "This is a brochure from Twin Lakes Harvest Camp. It's a fine place," the headmaster says. "It's our facility of choice for all our Unwinds. In fact, my own nephew was unwound there (7).” The harvest camps hold 5% of the teenage population which means the harvest camps have to be huge. They make the places nice to have less of a rebellion (doesn’t work), have less unhappy people and try to make a change in children’s minds to happy thoughts about unwinding.During the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, Hitler spent money on Germans and took Jews, along with gypsies, homosexuals, communists and soviets, away with no water or food, took them to death or labor camps so by the time they got there, they...

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