3. Tourism Is Becoming Increasingly Important As A Source Of Revenue For Many Countries But Its Disadvantages Should Not Be Overlooked. What Are S

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Travel to different places is a good activity to have relaxed during the holiday. The same thing, tourism is an important as a source of revenue and brings changes in a country. There is always a question, “Should a country over encourage tourism?”, however further consideration show that too much tourism development also has it disadvantages. Let discuss the problems and the damages of tourism in a country.

Environmental Damage

The over-development of some areas leads to crowded tourist spots and environmental damage. There are many exotic places that can be dramatically damaged by the action of the tourist. Transport by air, road, and rail is continuously increasing in response to the rising number of tourists, the exhaust gas from the vehicle used can be cause air pollution. Consequently this serves negatively as increased pollution disturbs local residents and also it may discourage tourists from further entering the country (Harry and ...view middle of the document...

Social Problem

The social security and safety problem is serious because of the higher tourist (Gawler Visitor Information Center, 2009). There are some reported shows that many pick pocket cases in many of the tourist spot in many countries. It is really difficult to catch those thieve if they might be act as tourist and they might go back to their own countries after a certain period. Moreover, the more people in the spot and might cause pick pocket case in higher rate.

Economic Dependence
If a country is too dependence only in tourism industry, their economy can easily affected by the unstable economic market. For example, in the Late-2000s financial crisis in 2008 to 2009, the worlds’ tourism industries were facing a serious problem, peoples were turn down their travel plan and cancel theirs trip. Due to the depressed economic environment, a lot of the hotels, bars, shops were forced to close. Eventually, the modern tourism will be destructed by the seasonal and unstable economic market. This will not only affected the seriousness of country economy but also affected those local people depend from tourism business.

Diseases problem

Tourism activities can speed up the spread of dangerous diseases from one country to another country due to the established and convenient transportation systems such as airplane, train and coach. According to the Globalization 101 of Health and Globalization report (2010), it stated that “Increase of international travel between 2007 and 2008 have played a major role on spread of HIV and AIDS. Some scientist found that the HIV virus was originated in West Africa. However, unfortunately, it spreads out to other region. The main reason is global travel can cause increased diseases and spread around the visited country, and affected the healthy condition for local citizens.

To conclude, tourism is important to any countries; it can help those countries to gain and growth the economic. However, there also some disadvantages because of environment pollution, population problem, social problem, economic dependence and diseases problem. Therefore, a country government should establish the best way in order balance the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in their country.

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