3 Ways To Ensure Safety On Your Mining Site For Zero Accidents

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1,549 miners died in China in 1942 in what is considered as the worst mining disaster in history. Over the years as mining corporations were more careful and technological advancements paved way to safer and easier to handle equipment, the number of fatalities that rose out of mining accidents dwindled down. But it’s still an alarming number. In 2010, 29 miners died as a coal mine exploded in New Zealand. Only two survived this unfortunate incident.
Incidents like these can be avoided if safety precautions are strictly followed. Be one of the companies who strive for zero accidents in their mines. To do so, these are the three essential actions you need to take in ensuring the safety of the miners and drillers on your site:
1. Prioritise Licensed or Certified Miners
Licensed and certified miners have been properly educated and trained about mining, drilling and handling heavy rigid vehicles needed for the job. These miners and drillers have theoretical and practical knowledge so they are the best people to entrust your mining operations to. These are the people who should be prioritised on your list of employees to hire. This ensures the people manning your site are capable to handle mining operations and this reduces the risk of accidents from occurring.
It will also be good to hire not only those who have licenses and certifications but also those who’ve had sufficient experience in working for mines.
2. Give Drilling Courses and Drill Safety Trainings
If there is a shortage of experienced and licensed miners and drillers, the company can be the one to give courses and trainings before putting unexperienced employees on the job. There are now various short-term mining and drilling trainings companies can provide to their new employees to equip them with the necessary skills needed in mining industries.
Most importantly, companies need to give essential drill safety trainings to both new and old employees. Every new employee must undergo safety trainings before starting...

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