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Security Breaches In Comunication And Data Systems

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There are many average security measures that have a major effect in counteracting terrorist activity over the computer; these are things such as firewalls and virus checkers. A company needs to be ready and practical, they need to have set controls and trained professionals in order to prevent a cyber-attack. Cyber security is a moving target, because they never keep the information up for long periods of time. Therefore there should be regular monitoring.
Today there are multiple types of new surveillance technologies that are evolving. Biometric technologies are the use of technology to identify a person based on their biology. Virtual reality services is a key practice in providing great training for major decision makers in dealing with national emergencies. Through-the-wall surveillance is controversial because LEAs have abused this technology when looking for evidence that cannot be used in court.
There is a lot of trading that is required for people that are in the field of cyber defense. In recent times there is a major demand for this type of professional. There are core elements that constitute a framework that is used to create a strategy for cyber defense. They are as follows: Set of ideas instruments of power, synchronized offender and objectives and direction (Akhgar, 2013). There are also steps to approach a cyber-defense strategy that can be implemented in national and organizational levels. Just a few of the objectives are; Understand what cyber security is not, understand unique threats and know how vulnerable that you are.
What is a cyber-warrior? They are military specialists, law enforcement officials, computer forensics experts and civil engineers who defend national and economic security assets. The first level of cyber warriors are generalist. They know things like how to use a rifle and basic navigation. Next is the cyber warrior they have a mastery of steps and they also continue to develop their skill set. There are three main specialties in the set of cyber warriors, Computer network exploitation, computer network attack and CND.
Crisis management is the process by which a business or other organization deals with a sudden emergency situation. Crisis management professionals have a vast number of issues that are associated with CM.
Asymmetric Warfare is warfare that is not fought fairly. Dirty fighting tactics are used in this style of combat. Many military's across the globe to include the United States have adopted asymmetric styles of fighting. Some examples of asymmetric warfare are guerrilla warfare, terrorism, counter terrorism, torture, and insurgency. The US has learned to use these tactics to fight in the Middle East due to being at war with an enemy with no formal uniform, they look just like any other person for the most part, and they will plant IED's, or pop off rounds at US troops and run off and hide and blend right back into the crowd. The US combats this through use of Deep cover operators...

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