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300: Rise Of An Empire Essay

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Popular culture always has been transporting people back in time, replicating the history. It is necessary to examine a movie in depth to make a connection between history and fictional storyline in films. The most recent example of this is the movie 300: Rise of an Empire. I attended the movie theater recently to see how historically accurate or inaccurate the movie was compared to original historical events. The movie's storyline takes places in the ancient city-state of Athens and the Persian Empire. The battle between two nations gets heated up when the warrior Themistocles of Athens kills Persian king Darius. As far as the story goes, this event provoked the son of Darius, Xerses to get revenge. He turned into a mighty God-king. He was powerful and scary visually, which made everyone obey him, accept his sister Artemisia, who led the army instead of Xerses.
In reality, movie's plot was changed in a ...view middle of the document...

It is all about the financial gain and audience acceptance.
Tying 300: Rise of an Empire into class lectures was quite interesting. In the middle of the movie, when the Persian Empire was shown, I noticed lamassu sculptures in the background. “Lamassu- hybrid figure, half animal and half human. It was placed in several places directly by the door to protect from spirits and threats”(The Assyrian Period 2/10). From my perspective lamassu sculptures unquestionably served their function well. The buildings with lamassu figures radiated the scary energy and looked powerful.
Another thing that I can link what I have learned in this class to the movie is through the presentation of columns in Greece. I noticed a lot of Doric order columns in several movie scenes. Doric columns are plain and broad columns surrounding huge structures, mostly appearing in Western Greece. It was fascinating to be able to recognize them in the film. Prior to taking this class, I have never paid attention to architecture, sculptures and drawings in movies. Now, my eyes notice those things on a subconscious level.
Being able to link the movie with original ancient historical events is captivating. The movie 300: Rise of an Empire is a great example that can be linked into class discussion. We spent a great amount of time covering Greece and its city-states in this course. The movie showed some art elements like lamassu and Doric order columns. Even though lamassu figures came from the Assyrian empire of the Ancient Near East, I feel like it is an impressive artistic element in the movie that stood out to me the most. It was impossible to miss them, the idea of lamassu sculptures registered in my head permanently. Also, the movie covered real battles between Greece and the Persian Empire. The film had several historically inaccurate elements, like the killing of the Persian King Darius to add drama to the film, but otherwise there were more accurate events. The overall quality of the presentation of ancient history in the movie was interesting and pleasant to watch.

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