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300 Synthesis Essay

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300 Rise of an Empire was released on March 7, 2014. It’s the sequel to the first film 300 inspired by the novel Xerses written by Frank Miller (Fandango). 300 rise of an Empire begins where the preceding movie ended. Following the historical verity of the movie, the battle takes a transition from fighting on land in 300 to fighting on sea in 300: Rise of an Empire. This story puts “Greek general Themistokles against the massive invading Persian forces, ruled by the mortal turned god Xerces, and led by Artemisia, the vengeful commander of the Persian Navy”(Synopsis). Based on the analysis of movie critics Richard Roper, Marc Savlov, and Rodrigo Perez, it is evident that 300 Rise of an Empire is worth going to see.
Richard Roper is a movie critic for the Chicago Sun Times. He gave the 300 sequel an overall 3.5 stars. Roper stated that the actors gave good performances. He especially admires the acting work of the character Artemisia played by Eva Green. Roper stated “she’s the type of gal who will seduce a rival general in a closed door summit” (More Brilliant Battles.). Roper goes on to discuss how the entire cast really got into their parts. He goes into great detail about the films directing. Richard Roper discuss how he was astonished by the meticulously designed sets created by director, Noam Murro. Following is good review of the director’s attention to detail, he goes on to criticize the directing of the most important battle scene in the movie. In the battle on Aegean Sea, Roper says that the scenes “are difficult to follow, what with all the raging waters and dark blues and grays” (More Brilliant Battles.). He doesn’t go into detail about writing and costumes but he does state that the story line was exceptional and the costumes where fitting for the movie. Similar to Richard Roper, Marc Savlov had many good things to say about 300 rise of an Empire.
Marc Savlov is a movie critic at the Austin Chronicles. He also gave 300 Rise of an Empire 3.5 stars. He defends his rating by talking about directing and visual effects. He complemented the directing skills of Murro by saying he “is up to the task of replicating the inspired and flawless melding of CGI chaos and live action melees into an utterly believable whole” (300: Rise of an Empire). Unlike Roper’s belief that some of the directing was overbearing to watch, Savlov thought that the directing was done perfectly making the film easy to follow. He describes the imagery of the movie as a being mythical and having a dreamlike quality to it. Savlov feels that the slow motion camera work allows a rarely artful look at slaughter. Although he doesn’t go into depth about over all acting in the movie, he does state that Artemisia character played by Eva Green was “fearless and...

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