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Manovich speaks of this paradox as the audience experiences between the user and the screen as an illusion and that we visualize while looking at a flat screen. That while looking at this screen we are not conscious of what is going on outside of that representation until we have a disturbance that pulls us outside of this ‘illusion’ we are in. Therefore this information we are given on the screen takes us over and makes us to believe there is no existence outside of the screen. In turn the screen itself vanishes and we view the images on the screen as real life. This tricks our min into thinking that movies and TV shows as they are coming to life.

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These crises she relates to often keep duration over long periods of time. Her article speaks of how we are always being bombarded by information everywhere, therefore regardless of whether or not it is in good or bad nature, it can’t be ignored. Her theory relates back to her overarching question regarding how regulating death as the restriction of technology can help decipher these three modes that contribute to television.

Question #5) What is the mirror stage, according to Metz, and what role does it play in spectator identification in film?

Christian Metz in his article of the Imaginary Signifier speaks about how cinema is made up of images that have been recorded at a different time and place. But that the image you are looking at does not actually exist during the time that the film was being filmed or at the location we are seeing during present time. Therefore it wasn’t filmed, dubbed or recorded at the place we are seeing it projected. This mirror stage he speaks that film is like the mirror in aspect that the viewer is never reflected in it. ...

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