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3d Printing Technology: The Power Of Creation

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One of the most beloved characters penned and brought to life was that of Lewis Carroll’s Alice of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” As a fictional author bringing another land to life, he had to write and create imagery for the imaginations of those reading the tale. Alice thinks matter-of-factly in the beginning chapter,
“‘And what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?’”
Now, imagine the entire online population with the same mentality as Alice. No one really wants to read a blog post anymore if does not have an image in it.
Business owners, if you have not already; it’s time to head straight down the Rabbit Hole of Visual Content Marketing because otherwise your story won’t be heard or read.
That’s the simple truth, according to this infographic by QuickSprout it shows social network users spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest versus only 12.1 minutes on Facebook! That says users are spending more time looking at images than they are socializing with Facebook friends.
Social media users devour images, retain, and associate them much easier than they do text based content. Does mean abandon all text based content strategies? Not at all, it means write content that can be re-purposed into different forms of imagery to be shared across all social networks.
Imagery Ideas to use and add to content:
• Infographic
• YouTube Video Channel
• Pinterest Product Boards
• Instagram
• Facts and Figures on charts or graphs
• Personalized Brand Photos
One of the most important things that a digital marketing, social media manager, or even a business owner, needs to do is measure the success of a post. What does that involve? It means experiment and watch each post; for example, post a infographic on a Facebook status, G+, Twitter, and Pinterest and then track where it receives the most engagement from followers and fans. If there is only engagement on Facebook and G+ then that is the type of content that group of followers is interested in. If it only sees engagement on Pinterest, then create a board for “Interesting Infographics,”and post to the board regularly.
Keep in mind that every social network is different with a unique set of users. When thought of this way, you will be able to determine quickly the right kind of visual content to share across multiple platforms versus blasting one type of image on every social page.
Finding the Right Social Strategy
It’s been predicted that in 2014 the need for social media marketing will increase, more than that, be required for business’ marketing strategy. Jumping in with very little understanding will inevitably make you feel just like Alice, tumbling down a rabbit hole filled with odd things you can’t quite understand why it’s there.
Social media marketing can often feel overwhelming and little like it’s not working at all. Before coming to that conclusion, work through what is the right social strategy for the brand, and with a focused goal, it won’t...

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