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3 D To 4 K Televisions And The Social Construct Of Technology

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When the 3D television was first introduced, the public was captivated by the technology. When we as consumers look at the technology today, we view the 3D television as a failure. With the most recent technology the Ultra High-definition television making its way to the market, in this paper I will analyze the 3D television technology in utilizing the social constructs of technology and compare it with the new ultra high-definition television. The analysis paper will mainly be helpful to the companies developing the televisions and for the select consumers who are innovators (consumers who will adopt the technology first). This analysis paper is important so that companies do not make the same mistake of turning ultra high-definition television into a failing technology that consumers will not buy. For the innovators this will help them understand the pros and cons before making the decision of supporting or not supporting the technology.
3D technology has been known to be around since the 1830s when the stereoscope was invented by David Brewster (Velu, 2010). By the mid 1850s cameras could capture in 3D (Velu, 2010). 3D movies were around in the 1950s, but we didn't really start seeing the technology until about the 1970 to the 1980s. This was when 3D movies such as, “Jaws 3D and Friday the 13th (part III) were released.” (Velu, 2010). 3D viewing was primarily in movie theaters up until 2010 when 3D ready televisions were released, but nowadays we do not see 3D television being sold as much anymore due to low demands. Now our market is starting to focus on the 4K television.
A television with a 4K display has the ability to display programs at a horizontal pixel density of 4000 pixel. Our current televisions display at about 1080 pixels. Even though the television is able to display at 4000 pixels the media must provide 4K television programming in order for the technology to be of any use. Technology was starting to become available towards the end of 2013 and now we see many other makers entering the 4K television market.
SCOT Analysis
When the 3D TVs’ were first introduced there was a huge hype that the 3D TVs’ would revolutionize the home entertainment. There were many news articles that included the quotes like, “3D will be the next big thing.” (Clark & Wood, 2010). I searched the PEW research site and the web, but could not find concrete statistical data on the social groups that adopted 3D TVs. Considering the average price of $1900 to $2500 for a 3D TV when it was first released, I would have to say that the social groups that predominately would have adopted this technology was more likely to be in the mid to high social status. In other words, financially stable or individuals who hold a high income job. People in the mid-low social status probably did not adopt the technology right away as they probably viewed the technology as unnecessary. Another social group who cannot benefit from this...

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