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3 G In The Philippines: The Newest Form Of Communication?

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Mobile telecommunications are widely used all over the world. Everyday, there are about 140,000 emergency calls a day(Anonymous, 2001); and about eight million ordinary voice calls a day in a certain network in a country (Linask, 2006). The significance of such makes the demand of upgrade present.3G or Third Generation Mobile Technology is the newest form of communication technology in the Philippines. Two of the largest networks in the country - Smart and Globe have numerous commercials on 3G. Undoubtedly, these two networks are having a large competition on the 3G service.Although 3G commercials are aired on Philippine television, some still can't recognize what 3G really is. Only the ones in the field of technology recognize it. Base on a survey conducted in a top University in the Philippines - College of Computer Science, on a sample population of 45, 100 % of the respondents knows 3G but only 33% use it; 42 percent find 3G expensive - which may be the reason why only a few use it.This paper aims to explain the current mobile technology - 3G. The paper would help people of any age to know basic concepts and uses of 3G. Moreover, people of the old generation who are not knowledgeable on current technology would be more aware of 3G and could use this technology to be more productive in their daily activities which includes business transactions, movie reservations and especially communication with friends or relatives.The paper would only tackle about the history of 3G, its evolution from 2G, its uses on different fields and its positive and negative aspects. The paper would further elaborate situations in the Philippine setting focusing on the uses of 3G in the field of business, education and entertainment.Before proceeding to the main content of the paper, it is essential to explain technical terms for the readers to better understand the subject matter.The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Message is a message that is capable of embedding multimedia components. When an MMS message is sent, it is like an automatic PowerPoint show. It can include music, video, pictures and text. (Yan & Kankanhalli, 2007) Second, the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a mobile service for mobile phone users. GPRS is typically charged for per bytes sent and received. The service could be used on WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), and for internet services on mobile phones (Wikipedia, 2007). Third, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide satellite system that could track any person with the apt GPS enabled device. The GPS is powered by 24 satellites orbiting around the world and was available for civilian use on May 2, 2000 (World's First A-GPS Navigation System for 3G, 2004). Finally, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a portable small computer that was originally designed as personal organizers, but became much more flexible over the years. PDAs are also known as...

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