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3 G Technology And Its Uses Essay

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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction 1
2. Technology’s application 2
3. Data communication concept 4
4. Technology capabilities 5
5. Examples of this technology that is being used in the market 6
6. Advantages and Disadvantages 8
7. Conclusion 9
8. References `9

Introduction of 3G

3G means “Third Generation” for mobile telecommunication technology. It transfer rate at least 200 kilobytes per second for information transfer. It is faster than earlier generation that support not more than 200 kilobytes per second.
3G could finds an application in wireless voice telephone, mobile internet access, fixed wireless internet access, video calls and mobile TV. 3G show all collection of technology to facilitate a higher speed for data transfer faster than earlier version. CDMA and GSM were primary category of phone technology. 3G network are form by these two different technology that had been elaborated.
3G smartphone can conduct high speed data transfer rate by accessing 3G cell phone technology and its mean browsing, streaming and downloading speed is extremely high. 3G also support for the phone to using video calls, watching television, and surfing internet without manually connecting internet and no need to stay in the nearby wireless network. 3G technology are more functional and had been overtaken 2G in any aspect in most location. User will find he 3G network are more faster and advance further than 2G.

Technology’s application


3G is suitable to use when the certain area got base station to provide signal or connection to the devices. The closer the better 3G connection it will get and if it getting far away, 3G network will drop and may cause any interruption to the connection.


Figure 1

3G technology work by sending and receiving radio signals to and from base stations. Base stations link devices to a landline networks.

Base stations are low power radio transmitters and need to be located in the areas they are intended to serve. They provide coverage to a geographical area known as a cell. These cells need to overlap to enable seamless coverage and to ensure a user does not lose connection to the network when on the move.

Radio waves used in mobile telecommunications form part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves used to deliver 3G services are transmitted at a higher frequency. The coverage area for a 3G base station is smaller than for a 2G site.

Who’s using it?

Commonly, 3G user are among the people or company who’s using a device that need to connect the internet. For an examples students, company staff, lecturers and so on.

Data Communication Concept


3G is an ITU specification for the third generation of mobile communications technology. 3G promises increased bandwidth, up to 384 Kbps when a device is stationary or moving at pedestrian speed, 128 Kbps in a car, and 2 Mbps in fixed applications. 3G will work over wireless...

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