4 Important Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Professional Cleaner

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Nowadays you don’t have to slave away just to have a spic and span home or office. If you have tiles that have been screaming for a scrub, a dirty living room that needs a thorough cleaning or an office area that needs to be spotless to impress a client, professional cleaners can help you with all these. Plus finding a residential or commercial cleaning company is now easier with websites such as The Cleaning Act, where you can easily find the right cleaner for your home or office in just a few clicks. Using the quick search tool you’ll just have to provide your location and specify the type of cleaning you need, then you’ll get a list of local cleaners near your area.
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Cleaning is done in every office space covering the interior and exterior of the building.
Before hiring a company make sure that you know what their scope of work is. A general cleaning of the entire house or office would need to have all areas covered.
2. Specialty
If there is one area in your house or office building that needs more care, you may want to get cleaners that specialise in this area. If for example your tiles haven’t seen a brush and soap for months and they’ve been accumulating grime, you will need a company that specialises in tile and grout cleaning. If it’s your furniture that needs attention, you’ll need someone who specialises in furniture cleaning. There are also companies who specialise in carpet cleaning, pool cleaning and floor sanding and polishing. Make sure you get the right company to suit your immediate need.
3. Rate
Check the cleaners’ rate for the services they offer. A good way to check if they have a competitive rate is to first know the scope of work and the type of service they provide and the rate they charge you for this. If they offer an extensive cleaning service you can expect for them to charge a hefty rate while you can expect a small...

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