4 Personality Types Taught By Angels

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4 personality types taught by Angels

Every person’s road to a success is different because every person has different personality, nature, ability, and sensibility. Therefore; although the law of success could be universalized, it is necessary to consider the law of success accordingly to different personality types. However, many authors of “how to succeed” books write about law of success basing only on their personality types.

If a person has same personality type as author of “how to succeed” book, he or she may like and agree with the author’s approach to success. But a person with different personality type will find author’s methods incompatible.

For example, there are people who follow the motto “go with the flow” and succeed, like a kite being flown high in the air by the flow of wind. There also are people who follow the same motto but fail to succeed, like a little boat being pushed away downstream by the flow of river.

A short cut and key points to success are different among personality types. Let’s take a look at the 4 different personality types observed from Angels and different approaches to success according to each of the type.

Angel’s existance

When people hear the word “angel”, they think of it as imaginary creature. However, according to the Bible, angels are real and they exist close to us although we cannot see them with our eyes.

Angels were created by God, even before He created human being, and they have appointed task to “serve”. They also have duty to serve people.

Angels are not almighty like God, but are always with God to serve and are immortal like human soul.

Normally, angels cannot be seen with our eyes. But when they have special duty from God, they can appear in a form that we can see.

When they appear, they appear in a human form and most people do not realize that they are angels.

There are numbers of angels, but Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel are only angels whose names are mentioned in the Bible.

Saint Michael serves as the leader of army of God in heaven and Saint Gabriel serves as the messenger who brings God’s message to people.

There is a theory that there are angels who serve as guardian of big unit (nation or region) and...

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